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Cars Mini Racers Catalogus

Mattel Disney Pixar Cars 3 Mini racers

These are tiny (about 2 cm in size) diecast metal cars from manufacturer Mattel, based on characters from the Disney / Pixar movie Cars. These are different to the Micro drifters which are mainly from plastic. The Mini racers have rolling wheels. Mattel started to release these in 2016 in blind bags (with product code FBG74). There's a number indicating which mini racer is in the blind bag. The table below shows which mini racer is in which bags. The numbers depend on the waves / series. Later on, some mini racers were only released in sets. Such a set consists frequently of one or two not earlier released mini racers and a lot of earlier released mini racers. Later, Mattel also released the single mini racers in a new packaging which is transparent (product codes FKL39 and GKF65). The newest releases since 2020 are small boxes containing 1 car.

Blind bag series 1+2:

Blind bag series 3+4+5:

Small boxes:

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Thanks to Cyril Dreux for the nice individual pictures, Julia Hilliges for information about the product numbers and Shane Cooper for the poster information!

Updated 03-01-2024

Picture Name

Dino eggs series 2023

Blind box series 2024

Blind box series 2023

Blind box series 2022

Blind box series 2021

Blind box series 2020

Blister Card new (GKF65)

Blister Card old (FKL39)

Blind bag series 3,4,5 (FBG74)

Blind bag series 1,2 (FBG74)

Multipacks and specials
Lightning McQueen           1
GLD19 FBG75, FKT67 1 1 FPT71, FPC49, FGV14, GBV45, GBN74, GBC72, GBC73, FRY59, FVP63, FVP65, FPR05, FLG70, FYN86, GKG05, GKG06, GKG19, GKG24, GKG23, GGV65, GKG68, GVW50, GYD35, GNW34, GRW24, GRW27, HFC68, HFC65, HFC66, GWN55, FCP96, FLG40
  Mater   2
 18 24 31 2 HGJ12 FBG80, FKT72 2 5 FLG68, FPT75, FLG73, FRP08, FGV14, GBV45, GBN74, GBC73, FRY59, FVP63, FRP09, GKG05, GKG24, GKG23, GKG12, GKG65, GKG69, GRW24, GVG19, HFC64, GRW20, GRW18, GWN55, HJJ20, HGV54, HLL66, HLL67, HLV32, HFC77
Sheriff     23   45 7 GKF72 FBG85 3 7 FRP08FVP63FVP65FRP09GKG12GKG70, GKG60GYD36, GRW23, GRW17, GWN55, HLL62, HFC77
Dirt track Fabulous Hudson Hornet      34 34 47 69 GLD72   4 17 FPT76,  GKG70, GVW50GVG17, HGV54
Cruz Ramirez   7       28 GLD21 FBG78 5 4 FLG73FRP08FGV14GBV45GBC72, FVP63FVP65GKG06GYD33, FLG43
Jackson Storm   15 19   6 5 GLD74, GKF70 FBG81, FKT73 6 10 FPT71, FPC49, FLG73, FRP08, FGV14, GBV45, FRY58,  FYK70, GKG19, GKG24, GGV65, GKG61, GKG12, GKG68, GVW50, GYD36, GNW35, GRW27, HFC70, GRW19, FLG42, HGV54, HLL70
Cal Weathers   19     11 9 GKF74, GRW14 FBG82, FKT74 7 6 FRP08FGV14GBV45GBC73FRY59, FVP63FVP65GKG24
River Scott           15 GKF80 FMV80, FBG90 8 19 FRP08FRY59FVP65, GYD35
Tim Treadless           11 GKF76, FLG30 FMV84 9 21 GBC73FVP65GKG24GKG23, GGV65
Louise Nash         22 45 GLD38 FMV83, FBG96 10 22 FRP08FRY59FVP65
Dinoco Cruz Ramirez         35 6 GKF71 FMV85, FBG92 11 15 FYK70GKG21GGV65GKG12GKG66GRW25
Smokey           13 GKF78 FMV86, FBG93 12 24 FRP08GBC73FRY59FVP65GKG23
  Arvy           36 GLD29 FMV87 13 16 FLG73GKG09FVP63FVP65GKG68, GGL95
Metallic Jackson Storm           71 FLG22 FRR38 14   FPT72FPC48GKG67, FVP65
Metallic Danny Swervez             FLG25 FRR41 15   FLG73
Metallic Tim Treadless                 16   FLG73
Lightning McQueen as Chester
            FLG23 FRR39 17   FLG69
Cruz Ramirez as Frances Beltline       47   18 GKF83, FLG26   18   FLG69FRY58GKG09, GGL95, HGV54
APB           19 GKF84, FLG27 FRR43 19   FPT77GBC70FRY58GKG09FVP63, GKG04GKG68, GKG60, GVW50, GGL95, HGV54
Jimbo           72 GLD75, FLG32 FRR48 20   FRY58GKG09, GGL95
Doc Hudson           17 GKF82 FBG77 21 3 FRP08GKG12, HLL65, HFC77
Ramone   24 48     10 GKF75, FPR98 FBG83, FKT75 22 11 FLG68FLG73FVP65FRP09GKG24GKG23, GKG12, GWN55, HLL65, HFC77
Luigi   6
  44 34 16 GKF81 FBG86 23 8 FRP08FVP65FRP09GKG12GYD36GRW27, GWN55, HGV54, HFC77
Sarge    18   32   3 GKF68 FMV78, FBG88 24 18 FVP65GKG12FLG73GKG68, HLL62
Chick Hicks       48 19 4 GKF69, FPR96 FBG76 25 2 FPC49FRP08GBC73FRY59FVP63, GKG24GKG23, GKG64, GVW50GRW27, HFC63, HGV54
Natalie Certain     8
9 12 23 GKF88 FBG84, FKT76 26 12 FPC49FRP08GBC73GKG23, HGV54
Fabulous Lightning McQueen     17     62 GLD65 FMV79, FBG89 27 14 FVP65GKG66GRW25
Metallic Lightning McQueen             FLG24 FRR40 28   GKG12
Florida Ramone       30   39 GLD32 FMV77, FBG87 29 13  
Flo   12     30 22 GKF87, FPR90 FRR52 30   FVP65GKG12GKG62GKG69GYD36, HFC77
Murray Clutchburn         33 58 GLD61 FBG79, FKT71 31 9 FVP65GKG24 GVW50
Dr Damage         24 47 GLD40 FMV81, FBG91 32 20 FLG73GKG09FVP63FVP65, GGL95
Metallic Dirt Track Fabulous
Hudson Hornet
            FLG28 FRR44 33   FVP65
Taco       12   20 FRR45, GKF85, FLG29   34   FRY58GKG09, GGL95
Faregame       29 43 8 GKF73, FLG33 FRR49 35   FRY58GKG09, GGL95
Fishtail         23 35 GLD28 FRR50 36   FPT77FRY58GKG09FVP63GKG68GKG70HFC62, GRW22, GGL95
Danny Swervez           21 GKF86 FMV82, FBG98 37 23 FRP08GBC73,  GKG24, GKG23GGV65
Metallic Cruz Ramirez             FLG31   38   FPT72FPC48
Muddy Lightning McQueen       28   50 GLD53 FRR51 39   GBC70GKG09FLG71GKG04GKG70, GRW22, GGL95, GTK92
Dinoco Chick Hicks       17   51 GLD54, HGJ05, FPR95 FWC01 41   GKG07GKG70, GYD34
Metallic Ramone               FWC02 42    
Silver Natalie Certain             FPT01 FWC03 43   FPT74FVP63
Glow Jackson Storm             FPT03 FWC04 44   FPT73FVP63
Thomasville Cruz Ramirez             FPR93 FWC05 45   FRY59
Metallic Dinoco Chick Hicks               FWC06 46   FPT79
Strip Weathers a.k.a. "The King"         42 27 GLD20, FPR94 FWC11 53   GKG64, GVW50, GYD34, GRW27, HFC73, HGV54
Silver Cal Weathers             FPT00 FWC13 54   FRY58FVP65
Glow Tim Treadless             FPT04 FWC14 55   FPT73FVP63
Brand New Mater / Blue Mater       7       FYW89 56   GKG12GRW27
Silver Tim Treadless                 58    
Sally     10     64 GLD67   59   GKG12GKG65GYD36GRW27, HFC71, HGV54
Leroy Heming         5 48 GLD51, FPR91, GRW09   60   FPT76GKG69, GVW50
Bobby Swift                 61    
Fillmore   20 36     24 FWW55, GKF89 FYW91 62   GKG12GYD36GRW27, HFC77
Yellow Ramone       5   63 GLD66       FPT75
Silver Chick Hicks                     FPT74FVP65
Metallic Dinoco Cal Weathers                     FPT79
Glow Lightning McQueen                     FPT78FRY59
Glow Luigi                     FPT78FRY59
Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez     41     52 GLD55       FPT71, GBC73, GKG23, GKG69, HFC70, HLL70
Metallic Fabulous Lightning McQueen                     FPC48, FPT72
Mr. Drippy       35             FLG69GKG69
Red           12 GKF77       FLG68GKG12GRW23, HLL62, HFC77
Metallic Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez                     FPC49
Primer Lightning McQueen         13 (variant)           FRP09
Metallic Rust-eze Lightning McQueen           26         FLG73
Metallic Rust-eze racing
center Lightning McQueen
6     14 GKF79       FRP08, GKG22, GYD33, HFC62, HFC75
Intro Ramone                     FRP08
Silver "The King"                     FPT74
Cruisin' Lightning McQueen   1                 FPT75
Cigalert       15 36 60 GLD63, HGJ03       FPT77GKG70GYD36
Glow Thomasville Cruz Ramirez                     FPT78
Glow Danny Swervez                     FPT73, FVP65
Metallic Dinoco Lightning McQueen           38 GLD31       FPT79GKG07GKG69
Sterling         32 40 GLD33       FVP63GYD36
  H.J. Hollis           54 GLD57       FVP63GKG70
Muddy Miss Fritter         18           GBC70GKG04GKG70, GVW50
Gold Ramone                     GBN74GKG05
Metallic Sterling                     GBC72GKG06
XRS Lightning McQueen                     GKG20GKG63
XRS Cruz Ramirez                     GKG20
XRS Jackson Storm           41 GLD34       GKG20GKG70
Gold Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez                     GKG19
Gold Chick Hicks         46           GKG12
Metallic Strip Weathers aka The King                     GKG07, GRW21
Dinoco Wrap Lightning McQueen                     GKG21
Dinoco Wrap Sally                     GKG21
Gold Jackson Storm                     GBC73GKG23
Glow Dirt track Fabulous Hudson
Gold Miss Fritter             GLD62       GKG09, GGL95
Metallic Rust-eze
Racing Red
  Metallic Rust-eze Racing Mater                     GKG22
XRS Brick Yardley                     GKG63
XRS Tim Treadless                     GKG63
Spikey Fillups (incorrect listed as Ralph Carlow)                     GKG61
Ryan Inside Laney    22   31 21           GKG61GYD36, HLL71
Todd Pizza Planet       36 9 25 GLD18, GRW12       GYD36
Brick Yardley     46     29 GLD22       GKG68
Bruce Miller       18   30 GLD23, HGJ06       GKG68
Conrad Camber           31 GLD24       GVW50
Sheldon Shifter         48 32 GLD25       GVW50
Heyday Smokey           33 GLD26       FPT76
Harvey Rodcap         10 34 GLD27, GRW13       GKG68
Blind Spot         7 37 GLD30       GVW50, GRW27, HFC75, HGV54
Dud Throttleman       26   42 GLD35        
Aaron Clocker         29 43 GLD36       GKG69
Paul Conrev           44 GLD37       GKG69GKG67, GVW50
Jack de Post         44 46 GLD39       GKG69, GVW50
  Ramone Nighttime / Red ramone / Hydraulic Ramone       22     HGJ10       GKG62
Nighttime Cruisin Lightning McQueen                     GKG62, HLL65
Cars 1 Lightning McQueen    13                 GKG64GYD36GVG17HFC63, GRW20, GRW21
Officer Lightning McQueen                     GKG60
Orange Ramone = Road trip Ramone                     GKG69
Steve Slick LaPage                     GKG68
Heyday Junior Moon           49 GLD52        
Buck Bearingly           53 GLD56       GYD36
Green Ramone = Artist Ramone           55 GLD58       GYD36
J.D. McPillar         20 56 GLD59        
Rex Revler       42   57 GLD60        
Metallic Miss Fritter           59          
  Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen (black wheels)                     GKG65, GRW17
Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen (brown wheels)     30               HFC71
Saludos Amigos Ramone      20 45             GKG66
Snow X-mas Lightning McQueen                     GPG11, HGV71, HPD83
Snow Dinoco Cruz Ramirez                     GPG11
Snow HJ Hollis                     GPG11
Snow Mater                    

GPG11, GXT25, HGV71, HPD83

Snow Jackson Storm                     GPG11
Chase Racelott   10                 GKG67
George New-Win         8   GRV89       GKG70, GRW19
Francesco Bernoulli           61 GLD64       GRW18
  T.G. Castlenut           65 GLD68        
Brian Spark           66 GLD69        
Michael Rotor     22     67 GLD70        
Jim Reverick     45 6   68 GLD71        
Flip Dover     29 19   70 GLD73, HGJ07       GYD36, HLL71
Will Rusch     24               GVW50
Transforming Lightning McQueen     43   1   GRV96        
Gabriel         2   GXV68        
Officer Mater         3            
Rusteze Racing Fillmore         4   GRV95        
Kurt       4     HGH93       GYD33
Hot rod Smokey     12
2     HGH91       GYD35
Bling Bling Lightning McQueen       38             GYD34
Tokyo Mater      42 27             GRW17, HLL61
World Grand Prix Lightning McQueen (LMQ with racing wheels)       3             GRW18, GVG19 , HFC76, HFC67, HFC72, HGV54, HLL64
Gale Beaufort       10             GRW19
Tractor   21                 GRW20
Dexter Hoover   3
  14     HGJ02       GRW21
High Impact       8             GRW22
Rotor Turbosky       11 14           HFC71
  Barry De Pedal         15           HLL71
Metallic Rusteze Racing Ramone         16            
Mack         17           HFC66, HLL58
Patriot Sarge     33   25            
  Siddeley       23 26   HGJ11       HFC64
Silver Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen         27            
Nick Shift       46 28            
Radiator Springs Ramone     5               GRW27, HGV54
Racing Red Lightning McQueen                     GRW26
Racing Red Mater                     GRW26
Racing Red Sally                     GRW26
Dusty     9               GRW24, HFC65
Lizzie     7
21     HGJ09       GRW23, HFC77
Snow Red                     GXT25
Snow Flo                     GXT25
Snow Luigi                     GXT25
Snowplow Lightning McQueen                     GXT25
Hot rod Mater   14                 GYD36, HFC72
Larry Camper       16     HGJ04       GVG17
Tex Dinoco      31 33             GRW25
Carla Veloso      21 20             GVG19, HFC67, HGV54, HLL64
Mator   17     37           HFC68
Roger         38            
Union Jack Ramone         39           HFC76
Dinoco Lightning McQueen         40           HFC73
Peace Fillmore       41 41            
Hot Rod Junior Moon       1              
Miss Fritter                     FRY58, HFC62
Damaged King                     HFC63
  Clutch and Racing Tractor = Viewzeen Tractor                     HFC70
UFM Mater                     HFC68
  Dirty Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen
Soapy Mater                     HFC76
Dragon Lightning McQueen      40 13     HFC59       HLL61
  DJ                     HFC66, HLL58
Raoul Caroule     35               HFC67
Rusty     32               HFC65
Jonas Carvers
Finn McMissile     47               HFC64
Holly Shiftwell     11               HFC72, HLL67
Gray                     HFC73, HLL66
Super Fly                     HFC75
Xmas Cruiser Ramone                     HGV71
  Fuel Tide Cheer Fillmore                     HGV71
Snow day Sally                     HGV71, HPD83
  Golden Cruisin Lightning McQueen                     HFC77
  Caveman Lightning McQueen 1                   HJJ19
  Guido (plastic)
                    Dino World Playset
  Tyranamissiasaurus Rex (plastic)
                    Dino World Playset

Shu Todoroki     44               HGV54

Quadratorquesar 5     43             HLL68

Metallic Ivy     16 40             HJJ20, HLL63, HLV32

Road Trip Lightning Mcqueen                     HJJ20, HLL57

Ankylosaurus 6 4   37
            HLL68, HLV32
  Tyranamissiasaurus Rex (metal)
4                   HJJ19
  Metallic Road Trip Lightning McQueen       39             HLV32
  Caveman Mater 2                   HJJ19
  Rumbler Mater (Road Warrior Mater)     1               HLL60
  Datz Jammin     2               HLL57, HLV32
  Road Trip Cruz     3               HLV32
  New Hauler / New Truck

Snot Rod                     HLL58

Super Speed Mater                     HLL57
8 16                 HLL68
  Mechaturboatops 7                    
  Clown Car = Roadette Marker
  23 13               HLV32
  Chieftess     14               HLL60
  Deputy Lightning McQueen     15               HLL63
  Suki   5                 HLL61
    President Mater                     HLL63
  Rumbler Lightning McQueen (Road Warrior LMQ)
  Jeff Corvette   9                 HLL64
  Erin Kindafast                     HLL66, HLV32
  Professor Z                     HLL67
  Christmas Doc Hudson
  Royce Revsley     28               HLV32
  Cryptid Buster Lightning McQueen     27               HLL69
  Mad Scientist Mater
  Margaret Motorray
    26               HLL69
  Mato                     HLV32
  Doug Crankel
  Noriyuki Mechanic     38                
  Speed Demon   11 39                
  Lightning McQueen with headset
  Ivy                     HLL69
Silver Lightning McQueen                     FRY58